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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


GREECE  Organized Music From Thessaloniki  t27  3” CD-R  (2014)

Purchased from Electric Knife Records in Kentish Town just before xmas, here is a document of VA AA LR’s performance at last year’s Fort Process event at Newhaven Fort presented by the consistently excellent Organised Music From Thessaloniki.  Just under 15 minutes, this trio of Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan and Louie Rice produce an abstract sound world unlike very much else these ears have heard under the guise of “music”, if indeed the production of “music” is actually VA AA LR’s intention, or something else entirely.  They appear to me to be sound artists first and foremost, and refer to their own work variously as “often of volatile nature”, “the potential of…the instabilities of a medium” and “disruptive audio material”.  Active only since 2013, other works have appeared on Consumer Waste, Porta, Intonema and Mantile already.

Newhaven sounds like controlled small explosions and things burning, the only clues are the photographs on the fold-over sleeve which depict a lot of smoke coming from somewhere.  For the most part, the boys are content to let whatever devices they use do their own thing in order to produce a kind of process-based performance.  They could have simply been letting off some flares over the cliffs and amplifying the results.  At seven minutes in, there are a couple of loud cracks – followed by the hissing and fizzing of some kind of minor scale ordnance.  As I was regrettably unable to attend Fort Process and witness VA AA LR’s performance and see what they were actually up to, I feel there is little else I can add here except to recommend Newhaven despite its short-ness and urge you to investigate their back catalogue; I heard their recent cassette on Mantile, Ping Cones, recently and that is utterly different but also utterly wonderful.

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