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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

From Ledge To Ledge

Noteherder & McCloud
From Ledge To Ledge
UK  Spirit Of Gravity  7” vinyl  (2017)

Great lathe-cut seven here from Brighton’s saxophone/electronics duo of Chris Parfitt and Geoff Reader respectively.  Both cuts are excerpted from live recordings from the fag-end of 2015 in Brighton and Worthing.  The A side, “From Ledge To Ledge” is the nearest I’ve heard them get to dub, but even now, you’ll have to listen hard to get that.  The prepared bass line that starts the piece off is what makes me make that reference; other listeners might assume I’ve gone mad.  The saxophone comes in from the end of a very long station platform bringing with it recordings of voices and bit-crushed kiddytronica.  This rich stew is then availed of some dub-style delay effects while cranking up the spookiness factor.
The flip; “Jammed In The Middle Shingle, It Comes Right In The End” is more minimal and less of a foot-tapper than the A side, but: if you are reading this blog, since when have you been concerned by that?  The saxophone is more prominent and in control from the start; the electronics initially chug along in the background.  Voices are heard; possibly audience members, lurking.  Chris Parfitt is sending a pulse signal out into deep space.  And then we’re on Broadway in the Birdland club back in 1959, briefly…

Both cuts stop abruptly in order to fit the meagre timeframe of 7” vinyl, but I like that.  Better than faffing about trying to find “the best” four minutes to edit; just cut it there – great!  The mastering job is handled, appropriately, by Dan Powell, he of improvising outfits The Static Memories, Nil and Brambling, who infuses more clarity out of a live recording destined for lathe-cut vinyl than is decent.  The Cover image is a roadbridge over the A27 at Shoreham, unless I’m much mistaken.  Which is a nice continuation of Noteherder & McCloud’s fascination with Sussex architecture; previous releases have been decorated with images of Brighton’s New England House and Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion.  Back cover and label images of the band by Far Rainbow’s Bobby Barry.

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